A group of employees of the Media Department of the Gulf University participated in a course presented by the German Deutsche Welle DW Foundation under the title “Success with the Social Media”, which was held over the past Monday and Tuesday through the visual communication program “Zoom”.

The participation of the Gulf University in this course is part of the training plan designed to develop and develop the skills of students, graduates and faculty members in cooperation with major international media institutions, in line with the university’s vision of linking the educational aspect and the professional part and learning about the latest methods and means of training in the field of media in the world. Including is reflected in the benefits of the educational process outcomes.

The course introduction focused on recruitment strategies, the optimal use of social media, and global strategies to achieve the desired impact on the target audience across different platforms.

In a related context, Dr. Sherif Badran, Dean of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, expressed his happiness to participate in this session, which revealed many important matters related to discovering some new characteristics in social media and how major media organizations in the world employ social networks in a professional and professional manner. On his part, thanks to the management of the Gulf University for its continuous support to develop and develop the skills of students, graduates and faculty members of the university, as part of its ambitious strategic plan to graduate national cadres capable of serving the Kingdom of Bahrain.

For his part, Dr. Abdullah Abdul Rahim said that the session provided the participants with valuable information about the importance of identifying the main axes that we must address and deal with with the utmost accuracy when we use social media sites, which are the audience, content and choosing the appropriate platforms for them.

Dr. Muhammad Refaat praised the course program, stressing its great benefit from the practical side, which will of course be reflected in the students, especially on how to use the most prominent technologies used in the world of social networks.

The students and alumni participating in the course, namely Ahmed Mesiefer, Raed Ayoub and Ghaida Muhammad Talaat, agreed that the contents of the course were very useful, as they focused on the most prominent tools of various social networks and how to create appropriate content for all followers, to achieve the maximum benefit for them. They added that the session aimed to shed light on the importance of social media networks and their role in defining the behavior of their users, as well as the methods of interacting with their content.

The head of the Personnel Development Unit, Professor Sherine Murad, indicated that the Gulf University gives high priority to promoting the concept of self-development among professors and employees, and is constantly striving to support their learning initiatives, through a series of varied courses.

On her part, the coordinator of the Student Services Unit, Mrs. Marwa Al-Sayed, stated, “We are constantly striving to encourage our students to join workshops in cooperation with international and local institutions. We also organize internal enrichment training courses with the aim of raising their skills in line with the requirements of the labor market in addition to strengthening their relations with the expertise working in the same field”.