About College

The Gulf University was the first private university in the Kingdom of Bahrain to offer engineering programs when the engineering college was established in 2003. Throughout the years, the college has continued to grow in the number of programs and students. Currently, the college has increased student numbers of nationalities and ethnicities. The College of Engineering is considered excellent in terms of its vision and framework, as demonstrated by its three primary pillars in education, research, and community engagement.

According to the college action plan, the College of Engineering has endeavored to establish two new bachelor’s degree engineering programs (Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Electronic Engineering) in collaboration with the well-known University of Northampton, in the UK. The programs were launched starting from the 1st semester of the 2021-2022 academic year, in addition to the existing Interior Design Engineering program. These programs provide the required modern stimulating learning environments such as laboratories, workshops, and studios that help students improve their practical skills, which are essential for their engineering courses. The college encourages its students to take advantage of all services and other facilities available at Gulf University. As a result, the students will gain skills required for the Bahraini labour market, which will help them acquire the necessary skills, making it a significant part of Bahrain’s knowledge-based economy. Finally, the College has a distinguished academic faculty staff in terms of diversity and background in academic experience. However, it is important that all staff at the College, whether academic or administrative staff, feel a sense of contribution through their work and involvement.