Health & Safety

Health and Safety (H&S) Team at the University is entrusted with the following tasks:

    • Conduct induction sessions in collaboration with the Civil Defense Authority, to create awareness and culture related to health and safety,
    • Conduct training exercises in collaboration with the Civil Defense Authority, on evacuation of the buildings,
    • Display safety posters and relevant information in and around the campus,
    • Organize site visits to provide practical information about health, security and safety measures,
    • Receive complaints and suggestions from all the stakeholders regarding health and safety measures,
    • Monitor and record the list of incidents related to health and safety for students and staff.

Cleanliness around the campus is ensured on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and are monitored by the H&S Team.

All means of combating fire are followed up by the H &S Team inside and outside the University Buildings, such as water hoses and fire extinguishers.

Routine checking of elevators and accessibility for students of special needs are monitored on daily basis.

Each building at the University campus has its security guard. Visitors from outside the University are registered at the entrance in the security log book and provided with the “Visitor Badge”.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, there is arrangement to prepare the classrooms, reuse of spaces following the social distancing norm which ensures classes will accommodate students with at least 1.5-meter distance between them and other regulations of Ministry of Health.

There are dedicated teams to deal with health issues, to monitor student attendance in the campus. Students and staff follow the social distancing guidelines while using elevators and staircases.

Floors, toilets are cleaned and sanitized regularly as per the schedule. After each face-to-face session the used classroom is sanitized, and 30 minutes break is given for this purpose.

No student/staff are allowed to enter the premises without face mask.

Proper sanitization, sterilization of the areas, surface in the campus is ensured and there is adequate ventilation.