Initiatives During Covid-19 Pandemic Towards Education

GU has responded to the challenges in education imposed due to COVID-19 outbreak in several initiatives, such as:

    • Redesigning teaching and learning strategies for better student engagement and interaction in digital platform through project, brainstorming, role play, discussion forum, presentation, case study, collaborative work which promoted self-learning and team building.
    • Restructuring assessment methods suitable for distance education focusing on project-based assessment, performance-based tasks/activities, authentic assessment, reflective report etc. under the approach of ongoing assessment.
    • Communicating regularly with students through email, MS Teams and social media and providing academic advising to the students through online platform.
    • Using devices like iPad, tablet, Wacom device to illustrate the steps of drawing, on screen demonstration through screen control for design and drawing courses.
    • Providing online tutorial & workshop to use software for practical courses.
    • Providing online databases namely, EBSCOHost, ProQuest, eBook Central and Al Manhal serving the programs remotely which includes e-books, journals, thesis, dissertation, newspaper, magazine etc.
    • Additional open access online databases were included in the library webpage under Open Access Databases, General References and International Free Download Journals tabs.
    • Conducting hybrid classes implemented through broadcast class which allows the students on campus to interact and engage with the students attending the session online simultaneously.

Student Communication with Course Instructor/Academic Advisor/Administrative Staff

    • All the written communications from the students should be through student formal email (outlook), MS Team (chat or post) or in Learning Management System (Creatrix Campus).
    • Students should use formal language while communication with course instructor or any academic or administrative staff in polite and courteous manner.
    • Student should communicate course instructors/academic advisor during online office hours electronically. Student should have patience to receive the reply from the concerned academic or admin staff in case it is beyond working hours.
    • Students should show respect and humility while behaving with the academic or administrative staff for any issue related to academics or support service.
    • Students should respond within reasonable time to any formal communication made by course instructor/academic advisor /admin staff.
    • Students should stay away from insult, harassment or defamation against any staff, student or any third party. Any allegation by the students should be supported by physical evidence to support the given allegation.
    • Students should not involve in any discussion in the online learning platform using slang language, disregarding privacy of any individual or making fun of any instructor or staff. This should be followed while communicating with peers or GU staff.
    • Students should use social media platform to communicate with academic and administrative staff without violating the principle of honesty, ethics, integrity and transparency and refrain from making abusive comments against any person, religion or political party.