In a pioneering achievement by a graduate of Gulf University in the Kingdom of Bahrain at the level of the technology industry, Salma Badr has risen to a prominent global position as Director of Education and Development at Microsoft International. Salma Badr graduated from the College of Engineering in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and information systems, and she broke barriers thanks to her career with her passion.

Salma Badr’s journey to success was characterized by determination and resilience. She was able to break stereotypes and challenge societal expectations, venturing into a field predominantly dominated by men and carving a niche for herself thanks to her exceptional skills and unwavering dedication.

Commenting on this, Gulf University President Professor Muhannad Al-Mashhadani says, “Salma Badr’s journey from a student at Gulf University to a pioneering figure at Microsoft embodies the transformative power of education, design, and breaking barriers, and I consider her story to be a beacon of hope and a testament to the limitless potential of Gulf women in the global technology landscape.”

After graduation, Salma sought to achieve her dream in the field of information technology. She worked hard to develop her skills and improve her knowledge in this vital field. Thanks to her determination, ability to learn quickly, and the skills she gained at Gulf University, she was able to stand out among many applicants and achieve remarkable success.

Salma Badr reports that during her experience at the College of Engineering at Gulf University, she found herself surrounded by an atmosphere of motivation and encouragement, where she found the necessary support to develop her skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve her professional dreams.

Professor Muhannad Al-Mashhadani points out that Salma Badr “was one of the distinguished students who benefited from the nurturing educational environment at the College of Engineering at Gulf University, and thanks to her dedication and effort, she was able to move towards a bright professional future, where she achieved remarkable success in the field of technology and development.”

In this respect, Gulf University is keen to provide a stimulating and attractive educational environment for students that enables them to achieve their ambitions, stressing the important role that academic programs play in supporting and developing society, codifying general trends related to community development, and the various skills and specializations needed by the labor market.

Professor Al-Mashhadani emphasizes that Gulf University is considered one of the most successful educational institutions in the region and is a inspiration of education and scientific research, as it has included a strong consolidation in the field of higher education since its founding in 2001.

Gulf University pays great attention to the skills associated with the educational process and the use of innovative methods in education and evaluation, which are among the most important features that distinguish the learning process and pays attention to educational technology and techniques as a contemporary means to confront all challenges.

The University was an ideal incubator for Salma Badr, who chose to specialize in computer engineering and information systems, as the program features educational staff and modern facilities, which helped provide an ideal educational environment to develop students’ skills and enhance their knowledge in the fields of computer engineering.

The university’s engineering majors are equipped with the latest engineering laboratories, computer laboratories, and software that suit the student’s academic needs, and the university is keen to push students to apply creative thinking methods, which has provided innovative touches in the students’ work and projects.

After years of hard work and dedication, Salma shines in her role as Director of Learning and Development at Microsoft International, one of the largest global companies in the field of technology, but what is even more inspiring is that she built the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and holds this prominent position at Microsoft.

Salma Badr’s achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring Gulf University graduates, demonstrating that through hard work and perseverance, the pinnacle of success can be reached.

Salma is considered a role model for young people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the entire Arab world, as she encourages young people, especially girls, to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals with hard work and dedication, and her success story reflects how determination and passion can achieve the highest levels, regardless of the difficulties that an individual may face in the future. His journey towards success.

Salma Badr points out that during her career with Microsoft she progressed as she assumed technical, sales, marketing and other key roles, and that she started as a technical system engineer for the oil and gas sector, which led to the transition to sales and marketing with primary responsibility for one of the company’s core products as a product marketing manager.

Salma’s passion led her to work on human capital development. Salma was appointed as Regional Director of Learning and Development for the Middle East and Africa, where she led the region’s employee empowerment and development plans. Based on her success in this role, Salma was given a global role and is now responsible for developing managers. To more than 7,000 managers across all three regions of the Americas, EMEA and Asia within customer and partner sales organization.

Salma Badr illustrates that she continues to contribute in other ways in her career by participating in extended assignments with other groups within the company, mentoring new employees globally, and that she often offers her insights and ideas to enhance the work being done by other teams.

Salma Badr continues to show the best qualities of Saudi women and what they can contribute, not only locally but globally.