Industrial Partners

Higher education ecosystem in 21st century bridges the gap between industry and academia and supports students to gain experiential learning. Gulf University is very keen to make industry collaboration to provide opportunities in doing joint research, real life projects, student internship, field visit, and guest speaker presentation. Industry partners are invited in university events and activities, academia-industry roundtable, career fair, symposium, and conference.

Benefit Bahrain

Gulf University has collaboration with Benefit Company for joint research, conducting curricular and co-curricular activities, participating in events and activities such as seminars, symposium, forum, Accounting Day, promoting internship opportunities, supporting students in identifying graduation project theme, providing feedback for program review, and jointly organizing community engagement activities.

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The partnership agreement between Gulf university and Zoho grants non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-transferable license to use all published materials relating to the Licensed Software available at Zoho's website ("Zoho Material") to develop course material; provides training on Licensed Software to the lecturers, and support in offering career opportunities subject to fulfillment of requirements.

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Zain Bahrain

Gulf University has partnership agreement with Zain Bahrain. The areas of impactful collaboration are: facilitating sessions in university event and activities; conducting joint activities, organizing field visit and guest speaker presentation for students, providing internship opportunities, conducting collaborative research, participating jointly in community engagement activities, contributing to academic program, and supporting staff and students through training programs.

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Gulf University has collaboration with Berlitz Language Center which focuses on enhancing the English language proficiency of our administrative staff through undertaking English language certificate and diploma courses. Berlitz is committed to develop language skills, cultural understanding and confidence of the participants supporting in professional development and career progression.

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Gulf University has collaboration with Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions (CLICKS) in the following areas: in person workshops, webinar, structured online courses, certified programs. University staff regularly participate in fit for purpose training programs conducted by CLICKS in strategy development, quality assurance, innovative teaching, learning and assessment practices, leadership, sustainability, academic advising, and student services.

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Gulf University has collaboration with Silah Gulf in academics, research, community engagement and student activities in the field of human resources management. This collaboration promotes joint activities for staff and students in and outside the university, industry-academia research, internship and placement opportunities for students, industry feedback on the academic program, and participation in university events.

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Gulf University has collaboration with Roshcomm for mutual benefit in education, research, community engagement, and student activities in the discipline of human resources management. This collaboration is intended to provide internship opportunities for students in BHRM program, support students in identifying graduation project theme/topic, organizing field visit and guest speaker talk, participate in industry-academia round table, conduct multidisciplinary and applied research with industry professionals, and provide training and workshop for staff and students.

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Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning

Gulf University has collaborated with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning in Training students, executing graduation projects, and coordinating collaborative scientific events and conferences, along with delivering instructional programs, consulting services and etc.

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