About DTC Center

Digital transformation is becoming increasingly important for universities to remain competitive and meet the evolving needs of students, faculty, and staff. Gulf University has established Digital Transformation Center to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and digitize campus operation. This in turn will enhance the overall quality of campus operations, academic programs, and research activities. This center is placed under the College of Computer Engineering and Sciences in the organizational structure and will serve as a hub for collaboration and innovation, bringing together experts from different disciplines to drive digital transformation initiatives. This center is expected to help the university stay at the forefront of technological advances and drive positive societal impact.

Scope of Center

The center is assigned with the following responsibilities:

    • Identifying and prioritizing areas where digital transformation can bring the most value to the university in terms of campus operations.
    • Designing and implementing a digital transformation roadmap that outlines the initiatives the university needs to take to achieve its digital transformation goals.
    • Developing and implementing campus management system to bring automation in teaching, learning, assessment, research and other areas of university operations.
    • Providing training and support to faculty and staff on new digital tools and technologies and promoting a culture of innovation and digitization.
    • Measuring the impact of digital transformation initiatives on the university’s operations, productivity, and competitiveness, and making recommendations for continuous improvement.