The Alumni unit of GU University aims at establishing a sustainable relationship between the university and its graduates and appreciating “the role of graduates in building the society and making the bright future of Bahrain”. This can be achieved through developing the graduate’s skills to meet the challenges they face in the labor market and organizing many activities to connect the graduates with the university to share their experiences for the benefit of all parties: the graduates, Gulf University students and society.

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The department of Alumni sends weekly mails with job offers to students in the final phase of their studies and graduates who have subscribed to it alumni association. The Alumni Newsletter is sent every fourth month and features alumni events, highlights from campus, alumni spotlights, and more.

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Advantages of registering in Alumni unit of Gulf University:

    • Participation in events organized by the university, including conferences, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, workshops, and others having access to career guidance services.
    • Allowing alumnis to use some of the Learning Resource Center services like a library at the university. Visit our library web ( link )
    • Allowing alumnis to use some of the university facilities, big hall for events, show the calendar for available days, table tennis, outdoor playground (available days on calendar).
    • Allowing the outstanding members to hold seminars or workshops for students and graduates of the university.
    • Receiving special invitations to participate in various university activities.

Alumni Association:

The Department of Alumni Relations and Employment receives the ideas proposed by the graduates through which new doors can be opened for communication and participation between the university and its alumni.

Invitation to join alumni association:

He directs the Deputy Director as he sees fit. Inviting university graduates to join the association through an intensive advertising campaign that uses all available means of communication, including sending messages to graduates at their postal addresses registered in the database maintained by the university, or by e-mail or by telephone.

The main message of the association is to consolidate the relationship between the university and its graduates and instill the concepts of belonging and loyalty among the graduates and urge them to continue the continuity of mutual giving as the society continues to advance in the service of continuity of giving.