Dean's Message

I welcome our dear students, visitors and members of the academic and administrative staff, to the College of Law at Gulf University, and I am pleased to announce the relaunch of this college, which was established in 2005 to provide an education that responds to the needs of the labor market for current and future jobs, through its new and unique program in the Kingdom of Bahrain and at the regional level, that is distinguished from other traditional Law programs offered in the region in general.

We are proud of our intention to graduate students with knowledge skills and required personal qualities to succeed in the labor market and prepares the student for professional and academic life in the field of Law with other specializations, namely business, real estate, and information technology, while merging the skills required for these fields with the requirements of the field of Law. Therefore, the career opportunities for graduates will not be narrow in the field of Law and legal affairs only but will expand to include other institutions and sectors in the labor market, and on this basis its program was designed, and its academic staff prepared.

The College of Law has made unremitting efforts to provide its students with a modern education that is in line with the requirements of contemporary reality and the future. It has sought to provide them with scientific content in a way far from boredom and boredom that may affect many students. Its graduate is a distinguished mark among Law graduates in other universities.

I wish our dear students all success during their academic journey, and I encourage them to do their best during the study period and benefit from every moment, situation and experience provided to them by the university, as they are the ones who will embody the image that the College of Law has drawn for its alumni and God is the grantor of success.

Prof. Firas Mohammed Ibrahim