The Library supports the learning, study, and research of the students, increasing awareness and the level of their information literacy.  Thus, the following services are created for them to be guided accordingly:

Reader’s Services:
This Circulation section of the library handles the loaning/lending and returning of library books. The collection includes books in the different subject areas for use inside the library and can be borrowed for home use.
The general reference books are for room use only. It can be borrowed for photocopying purposes only on selected pages. On the other hand, the Thesis collection is strictly for room use only and it cannot be photocopied.
The Reserve collection holds books that are on high demand, with a single or limited copy, and assigned by faculty members as required for class readings,
The student and faculty member can only borrow books for overnight or one day borrowing only.
The Journal -Magazine area holds the popular and academic magazines, journals, newspapers and other related materials.  These are organized and maintained in this section.  These materials are for room use, it can be borrowed for photocopying purposes only.
We have the Receiving area near the main entrance of the library that has a round table and chairs for easy reading. Furthermore, this is also where students and visitors are accommodated for their queries and other library-related concerns.
Library Orientation:
The library orientation is the main activity in the library wherein available resources, services, facilities and other programs are being introduced.   The library participates in the university’s general orientation for new students and transferees.  This is scheduled at the beginning of each semester.  There is a general library orientation being held exclusively for the students and faculty as well. An individual orientation is also offered to a student and to the faculty member as well who was not present during the general orientation.
Library Instructions (Information Literacy):
The library conducts library instructions and is committed to teaching students to find and use information effectively.  This is done for individuals and group instructions. The library staff coordinates with the faculty for a collaborative library schedule of activities.  This is continuously done to maintain an active use of the library resources.
Information Services:
The library staff provides information and clarification on inquiries of the library users pertaining to the collection, facilities, and services being offered and other related matters.
Technical Services:
The services involve library operations related to the acquisition, processing, organization, and maintenance of the library collection. Books and other materials are accessions, stamp and label, classify, catalog, and encode in the library system. The librarian prepares the bibliographic list of library materials needed and other pertinent records needed for accreditation, recognition of other course/program offerings, etc.
Current-awareness Services:
This service informs users about recent library acquisitions, new resources online, current trends in related fields, and others.  Library staff uses display boards and shelves to draw attention to recent additions, produce complete or selective lists for circulation to patrons. Also, the library staff conducts searches of databases and other open access resources to find references to new articles that fits the requester’s needs. The search results are forwarded through emails and in social media.
Computer/Internet/Wi-fi Services:
These are available in the digital library for student’s encoding for the assignments, for projects/thesis, searching the Online public access catalog (OPAC) for availability and book description, searching on topics/articles from websites, databases, and other related activities.
Research Assistance:
Library staff gives assistance on library queries pertaining to research for a term paper, project and thesis preparation. Helps researchers in locating and accessing appropriate information from the available resources offered in the library (print and digital).  Selecting and using reference resources, publisher’s websites, open access databases, and other free databases.
Referral Services:
Provides assistance in identifying and accessing other resources available from other libraries, related private and public agencies that can supplement the services or information the university library offers. Thus, referral letter for outside research is issued upon request from the librarian.
Library Guided Tour:
Library tour is offered for individual or group of students/faculty members as per scheduled.  Library staff introduces the print and online resources available in the library, areas/sections, and services of the library.  The rules, regulations, and procedures are briefly discussed for information and understanding of the library users.
Printing/Copying Services:
The printing and copying services are available at the Digital Library. The student should have the printing/photocopying card. The card is available at the Cashier’s counter for purchase. Library staff is available to assist the students in registering the card and/or operating the printing/photocopying machine.

This service is offered by the university library to supply its students with textbooks and other reference materials required by the faculty member assigned to the subject.