The College of Engineering organized a field visit to “Al Salam Hospital” with the students who are enrolled in the new programs, Mechanical Engineering (BEng) Program, Electrical & Electronic Engineering Program (BEng) in collaboration with the university of Northampton. The aim of this visit is to develop students’ knowledge and skills by introducing to them the different types of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering systems and showing them as well how to do maintenance for the machines. The Engineering Students also got an idea about the procedures for performing mechanical and electrical maintenance and repairing the electrical and mechanical systems, such as HVAC, pluming, generator and UPS set, fire alarm system, safety systems and other related systems. The field visit was supervised by Dr. Osama Al-Rawi, Dean of the College of Engineering and Dr. Mohammad Alshekhly, a faculty member in Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. Osama Al-Rawi raised the importance of the visit to develop students’ skills and familiarize them the different types of systems inside the hospital, how it works and its applications in various Engineering projects. Dr. Mohammed Alshekhly points out that learning is that you never have to stop! There’s no limit as to the amount of knowledge you can obtain. He added the importance of this field visit to “AlSalam Hospital” and how the students got knowledge to combine teaching with real-life practice.

Finally, the students discussed with the site supervisor Eng. Abuthar the requirements for maintaining all systems and services in the building to ensure the safety of the people in the hospital and they discussed the difficulties and challenges to keep the Electrical and Mechanical system working properly.